Meet Elite: Demetre Pickering

Meet Elite: Demetre PickeringAs always, we had a great time getting to know Demetre Pickering a bit better for today’s Meet Elite employee spotlight.

Meet Demetre. As a project manager, Demetre has a hands-on role here at Elite Roofing. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Demetre now lives in Parker. Having worked in the roofing industry for eleven years, Demetre uses his extensive experience in the field to ensure the success of every project he handles. Let’s learn a bit more about Demetre…

Position: Project Manager

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Current City: Parker, Colorado

Favorite thing about Colorado: “Snowboarding and mountain biking”

Favorite thing about Roofing in Colorado: “Building professional relationships”

What type of roof best describes you? “Copper standing seam, because it is both beautiful and rare”

Favorite Sport/Team: “Dallas Cowboys

Why did you choose to work for Elite Roofing? “Long time relationships and company qualities.”

If they named a planet after you, what would it be named? “Star gazer”

Eggs are best served how? “Over easy”

Favorite Family Activity: “Laser tag”

On the weekends you can find me “on the golf course”

Thanks for letting us get to know you Demetre and for working so hard to ensure that Elite Roofing maintains its reputation as the very best Denver roofers!


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