Meet Elite: Hilda Cowie-Bozner

Meet Elite: Hilda Cowie-BoznerWe enjoyed the opportunity to get to know another member of the Elite Roofing team for today’s post. Today’s employee spotlight is on Hilda Cowie-Bonzer

Meet Hilda. As a product assistant, Hilda has a hands-on role in the inner workings of Elite Roofing. A Colorado native, Hilda has quickly become an integral member of the Elite family. Having previously worked in the service industry, Hilda brings a wealth of knowledge and customer service skills to the team.  Let’s learn a bit more about Hilda…

Position: Product Assistant

Hometown: Golden, Colorado

Current City: Wheat Ridge, Colorado

How long have you been working in roofing? “Almost 2 years.”

Favorite thing about Colorado: “The mountains”

Favorite thing about Roofing in Colorado: “I love working in a fast-paced environment and there is always something to learn.”

Why did you choose to work for Elite Roofing? “I love the family environment and the integrity of the company.”

Least favorite food: “Seafood”

Eggs are best served how? Over medium”

Thanks for allowing us to get to know you a bit better Hilda! On behalf of the entire Elite team, we thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence in all that you do!


Meet Elite: Hilda Cowie-Bozner See more on: Roofing News at


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