Meet Elite: Kyle Larson

Meet Elite: Kyle LarsonAs always, we had a great time getting to know Kyle Larson a bit better for today’s Meet Elite employee spotlight.

Meet Kyle. As a supplements specialist, Kyle assists our customers in the insurance claims process. His commitment to customer care is truly second to none. Originally from Denver, Kyle is a hometown boy through and through. Having worked in the roofing industry for 3 decades, Kyle brings an acute understanding of the roofing industry to the table. During his 2 years at Elite, Kyle has proven to be an integral part of our operation. Let’s learn a bit more about Kyle…

Position: Supplements Specialist

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Current City: Centennial, Colorado

How long have you worked in roofing? 30 years

How long have you worked for Elite Roofing? 2 years

Favorite thing about Colorado: “The people”

Favorite thing about Roofing in Colorado: “The audacity of trying to control where water should go”

What type of roof best describes you? “Very steep and complicated”

Least favorite food: dry steak

Favorite Sport/Team: “Denver Broncos

Why did you choose to work for Elite Roofing? “I really appreciate the approach Elite has taken from sale to extended customer service. Ethics reign about profits.”

If they named a planet after you, what would it be named? “The Shack”

Eggs are best served how? “Poached”

Favorite Family Activity: “Camping”

On the weekends you can find me “Working more than I should.”

Thanks for letting us get to know you Kyle and for everything you do to help us maintain our reputation as the very best Denver roofers!


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